About me..

If you want someone to scream "Damn, You're killing it.." you're in the right place.


Hi, this is Jayasri. I am a 26-year-old passionate Portrait Photographer. I'm here to capture you.


The real you that your friends and family see.


Your passion, your love, that beautiful side of you that even you didn't know exists...


Let me help in capturing your beautiful story!

I moved to Amsterdam in 2016 from India with my husband and instantly fell in love with city. I was always so fascinated about Photography and Photographers. I fell in love with Photography as a kid and decided to make it a hobby and then a Profession. Capturing people and their emotions just bring me joy, I know so cheeeessyyyy! 

I believe in destiny. If you're here reading this I believe that we have something in common and we are meant to meet eachother. Now, don't be shy, tell me everything about yourself. I would loooooove to know you and your stories..I'm all ears!

Now that you've got to know me a little, tell me something about you too..

Both the pictures by Markus Korenjak