Couples Photographer Near Me

Are You Searching for a Couples Photographer Near Me in Amsterdam?

A couples photoshoot is a great way to capture your story of love and to celebrate it as well. There are many creative ways you can capture your love through images. Do you have a favorite place that you love to go to? Why not schedule a photoshoot there? It can be your favorite restaurant, it can be your favorite vacation spot, or at the place where you first met. It doesn’t matter, as long  as it tells your unique story. Another creative idea for a couples photoshoot is to have a photoshoot doing your favorite thing to do together. Probably, you both are fans of the same sports team. Why not have a photoshoot at an event or wearing the same team jersey?

A couples photoshoot can also be a great way to announce special milestones. Are you having a baby together? Did you just get engaged? Did you buy your first house together? These are also great reasons to have a couples photoshoot.

Are you looking for a couples photographer near me in Amsterdam? If so, call Portraits by Jayasri. Jayasri is a professional photographer in Amsterdam who loves capturing people and their emotions. She loves getting to know people and telling their stories through photographs brings her much joy. She loves capturing people as they are and loves to show how beautiful they are just being themselves. Her style can be described as warm, vibrant and candid.

She is passionate about photography and would love to create images that show the real you - your passion, your love, that beautiful side of you that even you didn't know exists...

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