Amsterdam couple photo shoot | Golden hour photo shoot in Amsterdam

Yet, another beautiful “Golden Hour” photo shoot with an amazing couple Heather & Ryan from Germany.

Ryan had contacted me 2 days before the photo shoot asking when is the right time to have a golden hour photo shoot in Amsterdam and if I’m available. A photo shoot with a couple during golden hour!! Of course I am available!! *couldn’t contain my excitement*

On the day of the photo shoot, we decided to meet at Anne Frank house in Jordaan district in Amsterdam as it’s easy to recogniz

e than any other street in Jordaan. I have decided to give them a unique experience for their photo shoot instead of typical Amsterdam well known places which are usually crowded. So we started the photo shoot where we met and walked through the entire Jordaan which has beautiful bridges, gorgeous staircases and breathtaking canals.

For the photo shoot, I usually ask my clients to be themselves as there’s nothing amazing than 2 people in love just being themselves. I love how both Heather & Ryan were being themselves, goofy and so in love *heart eyes* . But of course I also help them with the posing, their best angles, where to look, where to place the hand.. etc

Overall, it was an amazing experience for all three of us, both Heather & Ryan were so easy and amazing to work with.

Check out the gallery below and let me know what you think!

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