Amsterdam Couple Photoshoot

With Aliza & Kyle

Had an honor of meeting and capturing Aliza & Kyle, shy but very cute love birds all the way from the USA. It was a cloudy day but had wonderful lighting for the entire time of our photoshoot. How to brighten your photoshoot on a cloudy day? Choose the outfits like Aliza & Kyle did. I absolutely loved the choice of their clothes and I complemented during their entire shoot.

I love it when my couples tell me that they’re shy and never had their pictures taken. I kept talking to these two the entire evening. I wanted to know them, their hobbies, their pets (if they have any) Aliza & Kyle have a dog and I got very lucky and got to know all the cute stories of their dog. They both are so funny and had so many interesting stories to tell. It was soooooo fun hanging out with them in the middle of the city and capturing them in their element.

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