Best time to have a Photoshoot..

Every photographer has a favourite time of the day to shoot at. After many trial and errors, I can confidently say that I have a favourite too. Anyway, that's not what this blog is about.

If you're a natural light photographer just like I am, this blog is for you!

Let's get to the point. There are sunny days and then there are overcast(cloudy days in other words).

Sunny days has the beautiful and the most dreamy golden hour light which is just so magical to not shoot at. But... shooting midday on a sunny day is an absolute nightmare. I mean, at least to me. That midday light produces harsh shadows on the models faces which in turn makes the image even harder to edit. And honestly, isn't very flattering. Which is why I advise the photographers who are just beginning to avoid shooting during the midday on a sunny day . But just like every other problem, this problem has a solution too.. Any idea what that is? Just look for some shade, like a tree or even better shoot in the middle of the city . As the buildings are tall, they provide much needed shade which is enough to create an amazing picture. Or even better make that wonderful but very bright picture with harsh shadows black and white either in post production or shoot in Monochrome in your camera itself

Let's see some examples of shooting midday in the middle of the city but in shade. Shall we?

And now the golden hour.. Who else here loves shooting during golden hour(dawn or dusk) like me? Of course it needs little practice and just with little practice you can go a long way and create some magic. When I say magic, no I'm not exaggerating at all! But, I have few tips for shooting during golden hour. Instead of asking your model to face the sun(which in turn produces harsh shadows) ask your model to face away from the sun, in other words it's called "Back lit"

Let's see some examples of Back lit golden hour pictures, shall we?

Now, although not every day is a cloudy day, shooting especially on cloudy days is my favourite thing to do. I don't have much to say but cloudy days are the absolute best. Clouds act like diffusor and softens the harsh sunlight. Which of course helps even if you want to shoot midday(unless it's raining). Which of course even makes the post production easy. Most people think shooting on a cloudy day is a bad idea since it's usually darker than sunny days. But trust me it's just the best!

Let's see some photos shot on an extremely cloudy day...

So Photographers, now you got an idea what time is the best for a Photo shoot, pick up that camera of yours and go experiment!

Happy shooting! :)